The Ontario government refuses to act. This reckless apathy in the face of a 2nd wave - one that Doug Ford himself is now saying will be worse than last spring - amounts to criminal negligence, at least in a moral sense.

Following the announcement by Quebec that major regions will be forced to shutdown bars and restaurants and that prohibit private gatherings, the Premier's office in Ontario released a statement lamely saying that each province is different and that the government is following the advice of its Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David Williams. 

Well, if this inaction reflects the advice of Dr. Williams, then it is past time for Dr. Williams to go. Williams, who referred to today's case numbers as a "wake up call," as if the past several weeks weren't warning enough. Williams, who is now advising people to NOT get tested, in the face of a total failure on the province's part to ramp up testing capacity for the Fall. 

This is a picture of complete incompetence, and it's going to kill people. If Doug Ford will listen to the advice of a CMOH, then we need a CMOH who knows what the fuck he is doing.

There is another possibility, of course. Perhaps Dr. Williams is giving Ford advice that Ford is not listening to. In that case, he should do the proper thing and resign anyway, because the Premier is basically claiming every day that he is not the one running the show. If Ford is misrepresenting the advice he is receiving, Williams needs to quit and tell us.

Regardless, this inept clown show needs to end. The Ford cabinet is filled with hapless buffoons who are watching, every day, a series of car accidents. Not only are they not doing anything to fix the road conditions, they aren't even bothering to call for help. They should be condemned, protested, and run from office.