It's pretty astounding to watch as the provincial government continues to do nothing.

In mere weeks hospitals will again be forced to shut down normal operations as COVID-19 patients continue to climb. And no one seems to care.

In mere weeks deaths will start climbing. Maybe that will alarm someone? Why they aren't alarmed now when we know it is inevitable is the question. 

Why is everyone just watching the bus head towards the cliff? Why aren't Queen's Park journalists shouting the obvious questions at Doug Ford and his hapless Chief Medical Officer of Health?

Why has this bizarre apathy overtaken us as cases climb, as cases among older people climb, as LTC outbreaks climb, as hospitalizations climb? It's the Spring all over again and everything is the same except for our collective alarm and action. 

There are people who seem resigned to the Fall being worse than the Spring. Why? Why do we suddenly not care that people with cancer won't get treatment? That we'll zoom past 10,000 deaths nationally? That if things get bad enough we won't be talking about Phase 2 but about a full lockdown again? 

What the fuck is wrong with everyone?